Writer's Block

from by Arnold T. Rice

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Sitting here at my desk,
Staring at a blank page,
Better not come near me,
Unless you want blind rage

All these ideas in my head,
Diverse themes and plots twists,
Can’t seem to make sense,
Just don’t get the gist

Then I start to procrastinate,
Wasting time until late,
Tick-tock goes the clock,
I’ve got Writer’s Block...

When the words don’t flow from my mind,
Imagination scrambles to find,
Dialogue that don’t sound wrong,
Can’t even write this song,
Brooding madly, deep and sadly,
Need a caffeine fix real badly,
Brain’s in a complete lock,
‘Cause I’ve got Writer’s Block...

Suddenly the sun comes brightly,
Creative juices flowing rightly,
Then it all comes back to me,
Finally an epiphany,

Pen to paper, I’ve got no fear,
Don’t stop me; I’m on fire here,
Writing fast, wit lightening quick,
Characters deep and plot so thick,

Now I know this is my fate,
Such great things to create,
People’ll laugh and people’ll cry,
God, this thing’s gonna fly!

I’m like Shakespeare, I’m like Whedon,
Writing things so ripe for readin’,
Rowling, Dickens, Orwell too,
I can see it now, 5 Star reviews,
No more sitting, stare into space,
Soon you’ll all recognise my face,
Time for emotion, Time for fighting,
Time for subtext, Yes more writing!

I said “Yes more writing!”...
Why aren’t I writing?
Write something, write anything,
Oh, oh god, Writer’s Block again...

[Various ramblings]

Sitting here at my desk,
Staring at the torn pages,
Everything just seems so pointless,
Haven’t left the house in ages,

Look at me, pathetically,
Coffee crashed and sugar low,
Squaloring in self-pity,
Straight back to the status quo,

Act one, act two, act three, nevermind,
I’ve got a new career to go find,
Cause this ain't ever gonna get made,
I ain’t ever gonna get paid,

No use dwelling,
Despair swelling,
No best-selling,
Stories telling,

That’s it,
End of,
You know,
Don’t mock,


Writer’s Block...


from Eponymous, released June 30, 2013


tags: comedy musical UK


all rights reserved


Arnold T. Rice UK

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